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In the modern age trade exists worldwide and instantaneously through the internet. Every single business needs to be a part of that in some sense. Its either adapt and succeed or refuse and wait for your competitors to pick up the slack, and the customers.

But we all know this. This frontier has already largely been settled, over 80% of small business already have a website and 10% of the remainder state they plan on having a website by the end of 2018. The next frontier is what is not only having a website, but having a great one – with a proper marketing plan. One that is focused on what is necessary to convince customers to come to your shop. Your competitor has a neon sign, lets build one bigger, and brighter.

The Media Butler is a concierge service for online marketing, and especially website design. Unlike our competitors we create a website catered to your business, hand-in-hand with you, and will only consider the project done when you are absolutely satisfied. Unlike our competitors we provide experienced, high-end websites at an incredibly affordable price.

We’re the best choice for your website design. We look forward to working with you!


When the website is done: what happens to it? How much control does the business owner have over the website? Even if the website designer gives the website files over to the business owner, normal people don’t know how to add & edit HTML & CSS files and upload the changes to the website. Most business owners, unfortunately, are left with no access and no ability to make changes that businesses always need. This is not the case for our clients.

The Media Butler makes the conscious effort to create all websites on top of the WordPress CMS. After creation of the website, business owners will be able to easily control, edit, & add content to the website – with absolutely no knowledge of any code. Not only that, but we will show you exactly how to use WordPress edits & additions you’ll need to run your business online with no additional cost. Once you get the hang of it, it’ll find it’s as easy as updating your status on Facebook!

  • Create Blogs & Pages

  • Add & Customize Products

  • View Customized Live Dashboard

  • Add Products & Track Orders

  • Create & Email to Mailing List


On select packages, your business will have the ability to sell products directly through the website! People visiting your website can easily view & add products to a cart and checkout using your payment gateway of choice. Through the back-end, all orders, products & settings in an easy to follow way. No more paying outrageous fees & percentage of sales through 3rd party websites. Save money & have better control of your business by selling directly through your own website!

Responsive Design

What is Responsive Design? In simple terms, if your website functions well on your desktop, your laptop, your phone, and your tablet, then that is responsively designed. When done correctly isn’t thought about too much, which really is the goal. When not done correctly, you’ll notice it by the dramatic decrease in visitor traffic.

According to just about every statistic out there (and all of our Analytic profiles) mobile viewership has surpassed desktop viewership way back around 2014. So if a majority of potential clients & customers are using a certain device, why aren’t more website designers emphasizing this? Good Question!

The Media Butler ensures all websites work perfectly on all major devices by the end of the development period.

Traffic Analytics

For online marketing if you don’t have access to your traffic data, the whole process will feel as if you’re completely in the dark. Which is why we’ll give you access to tools that’ll appropriately & easily track all the pertinent data for your website.

With any Web Design package we integrate Google Analytics. You’ll have access to a WordPress Dashboard plugin that enables you to view your website traffic, a Google Analytics link & administrative permissions, and an optional weekly/monthly report that’ll get sent to your email.

Built With SEO

The Media Butler ensures that every single website designed will be designed with SEO in-mind, with absolutely no additional costs. This shouldn’t cover the entirety of business’s seo strategy, but if SEO is a constantly developing building – the initial SEO is the foundation.

Ensuring foundational SEO is free-of-charge is a unique and conscious decision that we hope may earn your business.

  • Meta Titles & Descriptions

  • Image Alt Tags

  • Website Speed Optimization

  • Content Keyword Integration

  • Semantic Keyword Optimization

  • NAP Consistency

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